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Jack Harlow, also known as Jackman Thomas Harlow, emerges as an American rap artist and lyricist who gained prominence through his hit track “What’s Poppin'”. Additionally, he serves as a co-founder of the musical group, “Private Garden”.

Jack Harlow Biography/Early Life

Born on March 13, 1998, in Shelbyville, Kentucky, United States, Jack Harlow, born Jackman Thomas Harlow, grew up in the care of Brian and Maggie Harlow on a farm specializing in equine breeding. Raised in a household of financial comfort, with his parents managing two successful enterprises and his mother excelling in entrepreneurship.

Transplanting from Shelbyville to Louisville during his childhood, Harlow settled in The Highlands area, accompanied by his younger sibling, Clay. At the age of 12, Harlow delved into his musical journey, sparked by the gift of a video game and guitar from his parents. Utilizing a makeshift setup comprising a Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop, he commenced his lyrical explorations, eventually teaming up with friend Copeland to produce their debut compilation, “Rippin and Rappin”. Marketing their creation at Highland Middle School, they managed to sell 40 copies at $2 each.

While attending Bloom Elementary and later graduating from Atherton High School in 2016, Harlow’s passion for music continued to flourish.

Jack Harlow Career

Embarking on his artistic odyssey at the tender age of 12, Harlow and his comrade embarked on the journey of crafting rhymes and melodies, which culminated in the creation and sale of their inaugural album, “Rippin’ and Rappin’”. Officially launching his career in 2015 with the release of his debut commercial album, “The Handsome Harlow”, he began performing at local venues during his high school tenure. In 2016, he collaborated with the music collective “Private Garden” to release his inaugural mixtape.

His repertoire expanded with subsequent self-releases including “Gazebo”, “Extra Credit”, “Finally Handsome”, “18”, and others. In 2018-2019, Harlow inked a deal with Atlantic Records and Dj Drama, yielding albums like “Confetti”, “Loose”, “Sweet Action”, and “That’s What They All Say”. The latter boasted tracks like “What’s Poppin” and “Tyler Herro”, with the former climbing to the second spot on U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, garnering widespread acclaim. Further, Harlow treated fans to singles such as “Routine”, “Dark Knight”, “Moana”, “Sundown”, and “Wasted Youth”.

A fixture in the music circuit, Harlow graced the 46th season of “Saturday Night Live” as a musical guest, while also embarking on various tours and performances.

Jack Harlow Profile
Name: Jack Harlow

Full Name: Jackman Thomas Harlow

Net Worth: $5 Million

Date of Birth: March 13, 1998

Age: 24 Years

Place of Birth: Shelbyville, Kentucky, United States

Profession: Rapper and Songwriter

Nationality: American

Hometown: Shelbyville, Kentucky

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Education: Highland Middle School, Atherton High School

Marital Status: Rumored relationship with Addison Rae

Jack Harlow Family Background
Jack Harlow is the offspring of Brian and Maggie Harlow, both entrepreneurs running their own ventures.

Jack Harlow Awards and Recognition

Harlow received nominations for the 2020 MTV Video Music Award for Song of Summer and the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

Jack Harlow Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $5 million US, Jack Harlow stands as one of the most financially successful young rappers, achieving widespread acclaim at a remarkably early age.

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